-- Floor Stripping

11 November 2014
11 November 2014

Floor Stripping

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The floor. You vacuum it, you wash it, you walk on it. When it comes to stripping it, that’s when you just look at it. How do you go about stripping a floor? I can tell you now, without the right tools you’re in for one hell of a weekend.

Why waste your weekend breaking your back and killing your knees trying to rip up that old floor, simply call Stripkraft. We have the tools and expertise to get in and get the job done quick. No mess and no fuss that is what Stripkraft is all about. We can handle any type of flooring from tiles to vinyl and everything in between. So if you want your weekends back, you need to call Stripkraft today.

When it comes to renovation, Stripkraft is your first call. We make the difficult simple to achieve.

Call Sean today and let us take the hard work out of your renovation.

Ph: 0418 657 207

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